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Certificate installation / update on multiple servers

I would like to update another script which will help to update the certificates in multiple windows servers.

As many of you worked in IT, you should be knowing importance of certificates irrespective of Internal or External certificates. Some organizations will have 3rd party tools to manage the certificate installation; however if you do not have one? You are at right place.

It is easy to install the certificate in small number of servers (less than 10) and not an easy task to manually install on a large group of servers (more than 100)

Please find the details for your reference

  1. Download the script and copy to a server (Eg: C:\temp) from where you are planning to execute script.
  2. Update “srvlist.txt” with all the server-name on which the certificates needs to be installed. Make sure all the servers are reachable from the server from where you are planning for execution.
  3. Copy your certificate (certificatename.cer) into the “Certs” sub folder inside the script.
  4. Edit the “certs.txt” file inside the “Certs” sub folder. Sample format is updated.
  5. Open command prompt and navigate into the script folder (Eg: C:\Temp\CertificateInstallation)
  6. Run the command “cscript Deploy_Cert.vbs” which will install the certificate.
  7. Please check the logs of installation for your reference.
  8. Verify the installation of the servers using the command¬†“cscript Check_Cert.vbs“.
  9. Verify the logs for your reference.

Download Link

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or issues